Unsung Hero Award

The Unsung Hero award recognizes students who have positively influenced a program or organization from behind the scenes with a positive attitude, a willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary, and a commitment to excellence.

This award recognizes up to three registered students, undergraduate or graduate, who are in good academic standing and do not serve in executive leadership positions. The award amount is $300.

Awards Criteria
  • This award is student nominated only!
  • Undergraduate or graduate student
  • Good academic standing
  • Does not serve in an executive leadership position
Nomination Questions
  • Describe your relationship to the nominee and the nominee's major area of involvement (organization, offices held, length of service, etc.).
  • Please detail how this nominee has significantly impacted their program or organization.
  • What makes this nominee's contribution different from others in the group?

Please Note: Be sure to verify the student's eligibility before submitting a nomination. If a student is nominated for an award for which they are ineligible, we are not able to shift nomination to another award.