Campus Life and Leadership Award

This award recognizes 6 to 8 degree candidates who have demonstrated leadership in a single cocurricular endeavor and subsequently improved the quality of life on campus. The award recipients will have created a positive campus environment, enhanced the quality of student life, and worked to maintain a continuity of leadership.

These recipients receive a $300 award and are honored at the Student Leader Awards Ceremony, as well as, the College Honors Awards Reception hosted by President Zimmer and Dean of the College John Boyer.

Award Criteria
  • Degree candidates (College senior or Graduate/professional degree candidate)
  • Demonstrated leadership in a single cocurricular endeavor
  • Improved and enhanced campus life through this endeavor
Nomination Questions
  • Describe your relationship to the nominee and the nominee's major area of involvement (organization, offices held, length of service, etc.).
  • Describe the skill sets of the nominee that distinguish them from other leaders.
  • What are this nominee's major accomplishments and how have they made a significant impact on the quality of campus life? In describing the accomplishments please highlight how the student created a positive campus environment and worked to maintain a continuity of leadership.

Please Note: Be sure to verify the student's eligibility before submitting a nomination. If a student is nominated for an award for which they are ineligible, we are not able to shift nomination to another award.