Howell Murray Alumni Association Award

One of the College's highest honors, this award recognizes graduating seniors who have made outstanding contributions to the University through co-curricular activities. In most cases, this award is presented to individual students who have made contributions to a range of campus organizations.

Each recipient receives a $500 award, a medal, and is honored at the University's Alumni Awards Reception and the Student Leader Awards Ceremony.

Award Criteria
  • Must be a graduating senior
  • Made outstanding contributions through co-curricular activities
  • Contributions to a range of campus organizations
Nomination Questions
  • Describe your relationship to the nominee and the nominee's major area of involvement (organization, offices held, length of service, etc.).
  • How has the nominee demonstrated outstanding leadership/creativity/teamwork in their co-curricular activities?
  • What makes the nominee's contribution unique, for example, is there an issue, problem or situation that the nominee or their organization successfully addressed; did the nominee create a new event; etc.?

Please Note: Be sure to verify the student's eligibility before submitting a nomination. If a student is nominated for an award for which they are ineligible, we are not able to shift nomination to another award.